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Here’s what we don’t know. We don’t yet know your name, your age, your pet peeves, or your reason for looking us up. At least not the specifics. We don’t know whether you’re here randomly or someone referred you to us. We don’t yet know what your friends and family think about you, nor do we know what you think about yourself. That’s what we don’t know. There’s more, of course.
Here’s what we do know. You have survived—whether criticism, disappointment, or abuse, whether from others or yourself. You’ve questioned your purpose in life. You want to be loved. You’ve been profoundly hurt and you’ve hurt others profoundly. You want to be known. You’re afraid that if someone really gets to know you, he’ll run. You’ve figured out a way to make life work, but “making it work” isn’t making you feel fulfilled. You know that something needs to change. You’re probably not sure what that is, but you know that there’s something better, something more. There is better. There is more.
We exist to help you identify that better, to help you find that more. That’s what we do. We love what we do, and we hope to meet you soon.
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Offices conveniently located in St. Louis: West County and South City.
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