Spencer Thomas, MDiv, MAC, PLPC

I believe in the power of stories. Whether they’re watched on the big screen, read on the pages of a book, or spoken face to face about our own flesh-and-blood lives, stories shape us. They shape the way we think about ourselves, and the way we think about our world.

Each person I sit down with has a unique and personal story filled with brokenness and pain, joys and triumphs, confusion and doubt. And in the midst of all of this, there is often a search, a wrestling of sorts. It’s that search to find the ability to better love oneself and others after having experienced so much pain; to find freedom from addiction and powerlessness; to find meaning and understanding after months, years, decades even, of doubt and confusion. It’s my goal as a counselor to help my clients through this challenging process, to help them continue to search even if they come in having given up hope of ever finding what they need.

I have a particular passion for sitting with teens and young adults who are working through issues of identity, sexuality, life transition, and family hurt. I also love working with men of all ages who are wrestling with emotional intelligence, sexual addiction, and how their story has impacted them. Finally, I find it a privilege to work with couples who are seeking to connect in the midst of adversity and brokenness – what a terrifyingly courageous and challenging endeavor that can be.

When I’m not counseling, you can often find me cheering on the Green Bay Packers to another season atop the NFC North, reading a good book, taking a walk with the family, or enjoying some new nook and cranny around the greater STL area with my wife Molly, and daughter Elizabeth.

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