Rebecca Brand, MAC, CIT

My journey into counseling began as a desire to walk with people through the hardest parts of their stories, listening well, and help them hear and believe the powerful truth of what God says about them.  My own journey has given me a passion to see others be transformed by the reality that we are made for more – more than what our hearts settle for, more than the lies we believe about ourselves, and more than we dare to hope.

I am drawn to helping people process grief, loss, transition, and broken relationships, and those dealing with anxiety and depression. As an intern with CrossRoads, my hope is to create a safe space for healing through relationship. It is a privilege to listen to people’s stories, and together wade into hard or dark places, and then dream about how transformation could come to even the most broken and fraying parts of our lives.

I am currently completing my Master of Arts in Counseling from Covenant Seminary, and in addition to my nerdy love of counseling books on attachment, marriage, and neuroscience, I enjoy baking pies, experimenting with new Mediterranean-inspired recipes, and going on impromptu adventures with my husband, Scott. We both love to sing and make music at South City Church in Shaw.

I can be reached at 314.469.5522, extension 36.

You can find the paperwork for an initial visit here.