Nick Hepler

Growing up in St. Charles, adolescence was a difficult time for me.  College gave me my greatest opportunity to discover more about myself and, in 2014, I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology from Mizzou.  After a few stops along the way, I was led to Saint Louis University’s M.A. in Marriage & Family Therapy program where I just started my second year.

My decision to pursue a career in counseling made sense to me only after experiencing, firsthand, the tremendous potential for healing that this field offers anyone willing to prioritize their relationships and mental health.  After graduating college, I was lost and quickly reminded that those difficulties during adolescence were still a part of me.  I had faith that God’s plan for me would reveal itself, but I was growing impatient.  My peers were beginning their careers and I was in a different graduate program that did not capitalize on my strengths.  In the moment when I felt the weakest, I made the decision to begin therapy at Mizzou’s counseling center.  I worked hard at learning to love myself and accept love from all of the amazing people around me.

What keeps me motivated is the hope of bringing peace to those moving through this world with a void they can never seem to fill.  Identity is the central piece I organize my worldview around because I know what it is like to be afraid and confused, not knowing who I am or who I “should” be.  My experiences as a camp counselor at the Boys & Girls Club and a career counselor during my time at Mizzou, have developed in me, a gift for effectively communicating and collaborating with adolescents/young adults, and their families, who are encountering obstacles along their journey towards self-acceptance.

Relationships are the most important aspect of my life.  And I learned a few years ago to never neglect the one you have with yourself.  Our stories can sometimes be full of rejection, hate, criticism, and contempt, but I hope to treat every opportunity in therapy as a chance to rewrite that story to reflect the beauty within.

You can reach me at 314.469.5522, extension 28.  You can access my intake paperwork here.